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“Best golf tips of all time!”

Recently I was given a book authored by one of my clients, Tom Metz.  The book is titled “best golf tips of all time” and is a compilation of the… Read More

Is proper shaft weighting important?

Are you consistently struggling to feel where the club is on your downswing?  Does your club feel to light? or to heavy? If so, you shafts overall weight does not… Read More

Effect of Dew on Ball Flight

  Water can have many affects on your round of golf. It can affect the clothes you wear, the type of shoes you wear, how many towels you carry, the… Read More

So you think you can golf?

So you think you can golf? Just wait until you see yourself on the new TrackMan 4!  It will bring out the golf nut in everyone once you see all the… Read More

Matching up thoracic spine & shoulder blades in an unstable student

I’m very lucky to have access to great technology that is designed to measure what is happening in the golf swing. I have at my fingertips a huge number of… Read More