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“Best golf tips of all time!”

Recently I was given a book authored by one of my clients, Tom Metz.  The book is titled “best golf tips of all time” and is a compilation of the as he stats “1,000 nuggets to noodle.”  This book is absolutely hilarious as he began the project as a joke for his friends and then decided to share it with the world.


As he stats in his introduction “Some people say you should have only one , or at most two swing thoughts.  Well, we will have none of that!  As a contrarian, my philosophy is entirely different.  I say the more the better.  If one or two swing thoughts are good, then 10 or 20 are really good, 50 are absolutely great and 1,000 are nothing short of fantastic!  Yep, you can never have too many swing thoughts.”


This blog post will be continually updated with some of these “nuggets to noodle.”


Full Swing

  • Keep your arm swing synchronized with your body turn
  • Start the swing with your left hip; bump it back and left
  • Keep your head still
  • Rotate your hips all the way through impact
  • Aim at a spot five feet in front of the ball
  • Let your hands release after you have struck the ball

More to come……..  🙂


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