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So you think you can golf?

So you think you can golf? Just wait until you see yourself on the new TrackMan 4!  It will bring out the golf nut in everyone once you see all the items you can improve upon. Golf is a game is meant to be fun, so don’t let paralysis by analysis bog you down. Focus on one metric or one item in your video and don’t let yourself get off track. Personally I prefer to practice with the TrackMan 4 on-course feature allowing me to pick any spot on any hole and hit shot after shot to get reps in a realistic on-course setting thus improve my scoring.



The simulator is a great tool. That’s all I use for my own personal swing. Even I am a victim of seeing my swing on video, looking at the number and trying to work on to much at once. Remember on simple phrase, “KISS or Keep it simple stupid.

That is what I will leave you with today. Always remember golf is a simple game that is meant to be fun!


Practice like you’ve never won, play like you’ve never lost.