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Club Repair Rate Sheet

We offer a full-service club repair shop for all your club repair and club building needs. Our expert club builders can get your clubs built to your exact specs so they fit your game perfectly!

     FREE with purchase of grip    
Install client-provided grip: $4/Club
Save grip    $4/Club
Check Loft/Lie Irons Specs $3/Club
Adjust Loft/Lie Irons $10/Club
     Set of 8 clubs $70/Set
Putter Bending $20/Putter
Epoxy Head/Reshaft $25/Club
Extend Club (Steel) $10/Club
Extend Club (Graphite) $15/Club
Shorten Club $6/Club
Rush Charge (24 hour turn around) $70/Club
Broken Shaft Extraction $20/Club
Hot Melt Driver/Fwy/Hyb (NEW SERVICE!!!) $50/Club


We carry grips from all the major brands including Golf Pride, Lamkin, Superstroke, and Winn. Regripping is a normal part of a club’s lifespan, it is generally recommended to replace your grips every 40 rounds or so, if you’re a pretty active golfer. This is about once a year. Installation is free with the purchase of a grip through us, but you are free to bring in your own grips and we’ll install them for $4 each. Sometimes grips can also be saved and reused again. (About 50% of the time.)

Loft/lie adjustments:

It is important to make sure that your clubs are properly fitted to you. We can do a club fitting to make sure your specs are where they need to be. An incorrect lie angle can have a large effect in performance and your game. Hitting off of range mats a lot overtime can also affect the loft/lie of a club. We can check the loft/lie of your irons and wedges, and can adjust them as needed so there is proper spacing between your clubs and fit to your needs.


Whether you need a new shaft, want to replace ferrules, or clubhead is starting to come loose, we can reshaft your clubs so they’re as good as new. If you’re looking to build a new set from scratch, our club builders will be able to build to your exact specs as well.

Extend/shorten club:

Just like loft/lie of a club, the length can play a major factor in a club’s performance. Almost all clubs can be cut down or extended longer to get a desired length for a player. In some situations, messing with the length too much can have a large effect on stiffness and weight of a club, our club builders will be able to help you decide whether adjusting the length or simply buying a new shaft is the best option for your wants.


Hotmelt is a service regularly done by PGA pros to get a desired weight and to manipulate the center of gravity of a wood. Hotmelt is a liquid glue that is put into the driver head itself which then solidifies. Depending on the location of the glue inside the head, the weight changes and can affect the trajectory of the shot.

Swing weight:

Swing weight is a very important part of club building and is something we must check when re-shafting and adjusting the length of clubs. Swing weight is easiest explained by how heavy the club feels to you, it is not necessarily how heavy the club is, but rather a distribution of weight from the head to the grip. We will generally match the swing weight to what it was previously when building your clubs. Sometimes adjusting the swing weight is as easy as a piece of lead tape, or a heavier/lighter grip, other times it requires a full reshaft to add weights into the shaft. Ask one of our club builders for more information on swing weight and how it could affect your game.

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